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SpineWork introduces innovative approach to back pain

All too often, the biggest challenge for individuals suffering with back injuries or pain-related issues is working through an outdated medical and insurance system to get to specialists who can address the real problem with treatment that works.

That’s why a group of respected physicians and healthcare providers have created SpineWork, a professional referral program that cuts through the bureaucratic red tape to help patients find real solutions to their particular problem.

“All too often patients get stuck in a seemingly endless loop of referrals without having a voice in their treatment,” said Phil Sanchez, CEO of Avantis Care. “People with back problems or pain-related issues become educated about their condition, but are often at the mercy of a series of ineffectual and expensive treatments.”

SpineWork is a comprehensive online program in which the patient, in coordination with a experienced care coordinator, reviews the nature of the problem and the available options for care or treatment.

“Unlike traditional medical treatment, the patient is the priority,” said Sanchez. “We establish a dialogue with the patient who has a significant role in determining how to proceed based on their particular situation.”

SpineWork doesn’t simply offer moral support. The program has a growing network of support of pain management specialists, neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons and other healthcare professionals.

“The program works like a medical triage program, helping patients understand the issues, discussing options and determining an appropriate course of treatment,” said Dr. Lenny Jue, Pain Management Specialist. “An educated patient is in a better position to assist in his or her recovery.”

Working with a care specialist, individuals have the opportunity to explain their condition and previous treatments. The SpineWork specialists help refer the patient to a physician or healthcare provider best suited to the situation.

The service is provided free of charge and does not prevent the patient from using any insurance coverage they have available. The response has been highly favorable, both from patients who appreciate having a more active role in determining their treatment and from the medical community who see this as a more efficient way to refer patients to appropriate providers.

“It’s a patient-centric and efficient approach that helps the individual navigate the healthcare system,” said Woodlands neurosurgeon Dr. Mirza Baig. “The clinical basis for this approach has been well established in other metropolitan areas. Having this in The Woodlands is a significant benefit to area residents.”

Indeed, Baig noted that the concept adopted by SpineWork for back and pain management is a viable template for other healthcare programs. In traditional programs controlled by physicians and insurance companies, the patient has very little input or control over treatment.

Patients see a primary care physician, who refers them to a specialist, who refers them to another specialist or therapist – a seemingly endless roster of healthcare professionals, in some cases. And with the uncertainty of how ObamaCare will impact the healthcare industry, Baig said the SpineWork approach is one that will likely become increasingly popular because of its simplicity and efficiency.

While the project is highly professional, Sanchez said the concept behind SpineWork is similar to being able to ask a knowledgeable friend for advice.

“We have a solid and practical working relationship with doctors, specialists and healthcare providers who are expert in treating spine and pain related problems,” he said. “Our trained staff doesn’t just offer sympathy, we offer a path to effective treatment and solutions.”

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Expert Phil Sanchez interviewed on Business Newsmakers Radio

Phil Sanchez, CEO of Avantis Health Care and President of the Board of Directors of its subsidiary, MDreach, was interviewed by host Lou Garino on Business Newsmakers Radio 1110 KTEK-AM, a Wall St. Journal Radio Network, Bloomberg Radio Station in Houston. Sanchez discussed “New Technologies in Healthcare”. The new technologies transform the way people access healthcare.

The Affordable Care Act is creating new demands being placed on healthcare professionals. With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, many more Americans now have medical insurance that previously did not. This, coupled with an aging baby boomer population, is placing serious strains on an already overburdened healthcare system.

Currently, the number of doctors entering the medical profession is declining. There are also a number of doctors retiring while patient intake numbers are increasing. In many instances, the quality of care is decreasing due to the fact that doctors just do not have enough time to see the influx in patients.

Sanchez believes this can change with the introduction of new technology developed by MDreach and scheduled to unveil in the fourth quarter of 2014. MDreach will be able to provide patients with immediate access to a comprehensive network of healthcare providers and personalized care through online bookings, virtual consultations and telemedicine, according to Sanchez.

MDreach will allow patients to connect to any type of physician, anytime and anywhere in the world where there is internet access, allowing patients to reach their physician, who can perform a virtual assessment and prescribe medications if necessary, all with a few clicks of a mouse.

The first phase of MDreach will allow patients to search a comprehensive database for doctors based on name, geographic location or specialty through a directory that can be downloaded to a smartphone application. Patients will then be able to schedule on-line appointments or have the option to “connect” with the physician via computer if the physician is available for a visual consultation.

MDreach will compliment this technology by exploring other technologies including the integration of a wearable device that will be able to provide doctors with immediate information regarding vitals, allowing physicians to immediately triage a patient.

Sanchez founded Avantis Healthcare in 2013. It is headquartered in The Woodlands. He has more than 10 years of progressive experience within the healthcare industry and has worked with numerous multispecialty clinics, including rehabilitation and pain management as well as spinal care and orthopedics.

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Avantis Healthcare expands in the Texas healthcare market

Avantis Healthcare, a healthcare service company headquartered in The Woodlands continues to expand into new markets in Texas, providing more physicians and private medical practices with direct access to healthcare business resources. Avantis Healthcare currently has a presence in Arizona, Florida and Texas.

Phil Sanchez, CEO of Avantis Healthcare said, “The face of traditional healthcare is rapidly changing and thus, the way medicine is delivered to consumers is changing as well. For doctors who have worked hard to develop a private practice and who want to stay in a private practice, ancillary services have become increasingly important.”

Avantis Healthcare provides a broad spectrum of business solutions to physicians to help medical practices have a greater focus on patient care. These solutions include ancillary development in addition to management and marketing services. By consolidating those cost-prohibitive business services, Avantis Healthcare allows practices to exert even greater control over the care they provide while steadily increasing revenue streams. Additionally, the company can provide separate ancillary services for physicians through the integration of pharmaceuticals, diagnostic imaging, toxicology labs, pharmacogenetic testing labs and ambulatory centers.

“Because of our expansive network of partners in the healthcare industry, Avantis Healthcare provides its clients with the best business resources and solutions to help their practices run more efficiently,” Sanchez said. “Every service Avantis Healthcare offers also enables private practices to continually provide the best customer care.”

Dr. Naveen Reddy, of Apex Pain Specialists in Chandler, AZ, said, “With all of the recent demands placed on healthcare professionals, it is imperative that doctors and the medical community have expert guidance. Avantis Healthcare has understood our vision as practitioners at Apex Pain Specialists, while balancing the need to strategically plan for our future. Although our practice is in Arizona, with Avantis Healthcare’s integration into other markets such as Houston, our practice is much more competitive.”

Avantis Healthcare, which has enjoyed success in The Woodlands healthcare market over the past year, has been rapidly expanding into the south/southwest region and is currently undergoing a state-wide expansion, most recently in the San Antonio market. Additionally, Avantis Healthcare will launch MD Reach, a network of top-rated healthcare professionals, by the fourth quarter of 2014.

Sanchez, who founded Avantis Healthcare in 2013, has more than 10 years of progressive experience within the healthcare industry and has worked with numerous multi-specialty clinics, including rehabilitation and pain management as well as spinal care and orthopedics.

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