Avantis Healthcare has developed a reputation as one of the country’s top healthcare employment partners.

Avantis Healthcare Support is a trusted partner to many of the nation’s top healthcare organizations, providing national healthcare and medical recruiting services with the highest degree of success. Our specific focus is in healthcare recruiting and we have developed an industry-leading approach that places the top healthcare professionals with the top companies.

The acquisition of talent in the ultra-complex healthcare industry is essential. At Avantis Healthcare, our goal is to provide a bandwidth of employment solutions to our clients so that the candidates we deliver will meet their talent requirements for becoming long-term pillars of their organization.

We have developed a wide-ranging network of healthcare industry experts who possess the ability to augment your employment strategy. Our responsibility to employers goes beyond delivering talent. We continue to evaluate each of our hires after they move into their new position to evaluate the quality of the hire. We also combine their feedback, along with feedback from the employer to improve upon our hiring processes.

Our proprietary hiring model, called The Clinic Employment™, sets us apart from other firms. The Clinic Employment™ accurately aligns talent to augment the growth strategy of our clients. Clinic Employment™ symbolizes Strategy, Talent, Effort & Performance. Our healthcare employer clients trust us to take the hiring process off their plate so that they can focus on delivering the highest quality healthcare.

When our clients place their trust in us to deliver healthcare talent for their organization, we take that trust seriously by providing continuous client support. This helps to insure their investment in Avantis Healthcare is not wasted. Our goal is to continue to provide healthcare employment solutions to our employers, so that we can fulfill their hiring needs. Please contact us to discuss recruiting options with Avantis Healthcare Support.

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