Phil Sanchez, CEO of Avantis Health Care and President of the Board of Directors of its subsidiary, MDreach, was interviewed by host Lou Garino on Business Newsmakers Radio 1110 KTEK-AM, a Wall St. Journal Radio Network, Bloomberg Radio Station in Houston. Sanchez discussed “New Technologies in Healthcare”. The new technologies transform the way people access healthcare.

The Affordable Care Act is creating new demands being placed on healthcare professionals. With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, many more Americans now have medical insurance that previously did not. This, coupled with an aging baby boomer population, is placing serious strains on an already overburdened healthcare system.

Currently, the number of doctors entering the medical profession is declining. There are also a number of doctors retiring while patient intake numbers are increasing. In many instances, the quality of care is decreasing due to the fact that doctors just do not have enough time to see the influx in patients.

Sanchez believes this can change with the introduction of new technology developed by MDreach and scheduled to unveil in the fourth quarter of 2014. MDreach will be able to provide patients with immediate access to a comprehensive network of healthcare providers and personalized care through online bookings, virtual consultations and telemedicine, according to Sanchez.

MDreach will allow patients to connect to any type of physician, anytime and anywhere in the world where there is internet access, allowing patients to reach their physician, who can perform a virtual assessment and prescribe medications if necessary, all with a few clicks of a mouse.

The first phase of MDreach will allow patients to search a comprehensive database for doctors based on name, geographic location or specialty through a directory that can be downloaded to a smartphone application. Patients will then be able to schedule on-line appointments or have the option to “connect” with the physician via computer if the physician is available for a visual consultation.

MDreach will compliment this technology by exploring other technologies including the integration of a wearable device that will be able to provide doctors with immediate information regarding vitals, allowing physicians to immediately triage a patient.

Sanchez founded Avantis Healthcare in 2013. It is headquartered in The Woodlands. He has more than 10 years of progressive experience within the healthcare industry and has worked with numerous multispecialty clinics, including rehabilitation and pain management as well as spinal care and orthopedics.