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Avantis Healthcare is seeking an energetic and talented Medical Sales Representatives to join their team. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:


o Promote Products and Services
o In-person office visits
o Weekly plan review including:
o Specialties targeted
o Regions/areas targeted
o Top talking points
o Analyze, format and report on referral data
o Create monthly reports
o Maintain an excellent and professional appearance daily.
o Develop the relationships with the physician staff
o Develop speakers’ lists with physicians and a list of topics they would like to discuss.
o Facilitate resolutions for operational issues related to hospital-supported practices.
o Evaluates and works with physicians and their office staffs to determine growth needs.
o Maintain ongoing communication with physician development senior consultant,


Solid interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work on cross-functional teams in both leadership and member roles.
Strong presentation and writing skills.
Analysis skills to not only present data but also summarize the findings and propose recommendations for future improvement.
Must have a style that promotes respect, credibility and trust throughout the organization.
Must possess strong project management skills.


Bachelor’s degree in business administration preferred, with emphasis in marketing, and 3-5 years of physician relation and/or marketing experience.
Experience working in healthcare industry with product development and data systems development and understanding.
Proficient in use of microcomputers.
Strong self-motivation and self-direction.
Excellent organization, presentation and interpersonal skills.
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